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Dear friends!
For the second year Lars is starting a retreat  with Amerta-movement, a movement art, in a very special place: In Sardinia, in the village of Ovilo, where Angela Göser has created the perfect place for this work.

These Autum in  six days await you with:

Yourself with your body in space, perception exercises, deepening your experiences in movements, diving into a world of "unlimited possibilities in the field of movement".


The workshop is for people of all ages who are interested in dance/movement and healing and spirituality. But also theatre "people", dancers, shamans, physio/therapists, psychologists, freelance artists etc. and people who work professionally in these fields are welcome.

Sardienen in October is like the summer at the Baltic Sea, only that in this landscape everything dances, the huge rock formations and the trees, the wind, the sea, and in the middle of it all we.

We want to move / play dance, experience culture and get to know the holy wells.

Language of instruction is English.


Panorama Platau Sardinien.jpg

eine Bewegungskunst

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