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Mein Portfolio

Born in Hamburg, I am a theatre person and teacher and father of 3 children.

All my life I have been looking for freedom and whenever I followed myself - when I put my feet on the forest floor - there was this "feeling" of space and concrete life.

Twice I lost my body. Physically - at the age of 13 in an accident with a car both legs broke. It was a very conscious experience to learn to walk again after nine weeks.

Mentally - But I first had to lose my physicality completely a second time in the world of art before it pulled me back to myself.

During my art studies, in the 80s, the time of conceptual art, I completely lost it. I was so cerebral and twisted.

I felt worse and worse during this phase and I drew my artistic inspiration from my gloomy mood.

Until I came to a point where there would only have been dissolution in the gloom. Here a lever in my consciousness flipped a switch.

I decided to find my body again and in 1986 I started an acting training and ended up at the most experimental school in Germany, the "Monsun Theater Schauspielinstitut" in Hamburg.

Movement, body training, authenticity and self-awareness were the path to art.

This is exactly the path I have been following consistently since 1989

Where I learned myself:

I got to know Amerta-movement back then it was still under" free movement" as part of my acting training at the experimental Monsun Theatre Institute in Hamburg.
Amerta Movement was passed on to me through Susaka Christmann and Adam Breadpeace who trained me as a teacher and directly in Indonesia by Suprapto Suryodarmo. I have been teaching in courses and workshops since 1990.
My work incorporates experiences from meditation, contact improvisation, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and various acting techniques as well as Shiatzu, Jointrealease massage and elements of bodywork. The further I went with the work, the more seemed to fall away from me and an ever greater joy filled me.

When I retired from the active CI-scene in 1995 after five excessive years, I concentrated more and more on "Amerta Movement" and found a great depth in this dance and movement approach, which was very similar to the joy of contact with others, only that the focus was now more concentrated on my own conscious expression created from within.

When I visited my master Suprapto Suryodarmo in Indonesia in December 2019, I already had premonitions. Meeting Prapto was as simple and heartfelt as ever; after 30 years of walking together it was a joy to meet in this language of movement. When he passed away after a week, I felt that a responsibility had passed on to his students. So I am happy to be able to pass on this received treasure.

eine Bewegungskunst

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