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Two  weeks  full of movement, culture, inspiration and emotion. An intensive immersion in a magical place that offers so many possibilities in just one space, in a country that has no poisonous insects and animals, so that the rocks, small grottos, green oases under the trees belong entirely to the dancer. Sardinia, the Costa Smeralda the west coast has a lot to offer: Excursions in the nearest surroundings; Cliff formations surrounded by the sardinian maquis or pine forests, all washed by crystal clear turquoise sea; Picturesque beaches of fine white sand and small sheltered bays with pebbles, sand or rocks. There are fantastic places for sunrises and sunsets; Sacred places called "tombs of giants"; pilgrimage site Santu Paolo; sanctuaries for the cult of the water; old olive trees and cork oak forests and the inexplicable Nuragen towers.

This beautiful granit stones are incredible old and round shaped. They are cosy and warm because of the sun. The quality of the granit is very special: it has quartz crystals inside bigger like a been. Quartz is commonly used in clocks to regulate the swinging and so his energy is closely connected with movement. When we stand or dance on this stones you can follow the stream of the energy.


In two nice cottage you can choose between single-room, double room or couch.  Both cottage are  fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. We will have

lunch all together in dining room near the dancing place.

eine Bewegungskunst

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