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The idea in 3 questions

What is movement for you?

What is movement for you?

In the field of unlimited possibilities, amerta is about finding one's own way in movement. We work in a paradox of the perception of diversity, of unlimited possibilities and at the same time we follow our own unique movement. Every human activity can be considered as a movement, pyhsically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Movement can be perceived through movement and non-movement – simultaneously. We will learn to create the authentic movement from the inner state of stillness.


What partecipants can learn during the retreat?

It´s difficult to guess this because everybody will make his individual experience.

The main purpose is to develop the potentials and to activate life-energy.

Using mindfulness, vitality and mobility we will learn to train our own ability to experience and to open new inner perspectives. In movement this means to try to find the very own movements and to understand how authentic expression grows when perception, expression and consciousness are unified.

Why you choose this place?

In my opinion this is the perfect place because it includes different high-energetic places with different qualities and vibrations that change your precence, your tension and your movements. Usually places with so different powers are rare and not easily to find but here you can reach them just in few steps.

eine Bewegungskunst

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